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Encouraged by R.S.’s family, we will continue to share that music freely. R.S. had a talent that demanded attention, and I hope that this site has served to share that gift with you. We can all play a part in spreading the word – spin some of those MP3 files you just downloaded onto a CD, as a gift for a friend who has never heard them. Post them online anywhere appropriate. Or, e-mail a sample to a friend. And if you do choose to share the wealth, please be sure to credit the young man who you’ve enjoyed listening to on this website, and for the last nine years or more.

These are some selected MP3s from archives of R.S.’s performances with Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, in chronological order.

The final song, Halcyon Days, is solely R.S. and his uncle Bruce.

Right-click on each of the song titles to download.

If you’d like to hear more, please visit, maintained by Bobby Hornsby.

Rainbow’s Cadillac

- Telluride, CO (8.49mb)
 .. June 18 2000
The Show Goes On 
- Hyannis, MA (7.53mb) .. 
August 3 2001
The Tide Will Rise 
- Hyannis, MA (6.24mb)
 .. August 3 2001
 – Hyannis, MA (10.41mb)
 .. August 3 2001
Walk in the Sun
 – Hyannis, MA (7.53mb) .. 
August 3 2001
Talk of the Town 
- Cary, NC (11.94mb) .. 
August 20 2004
The Way It Is 
- Cary, NC (8.78mb)
 .. August 20 2004
Big Rumble > Mandolin Rain 
- Asheville, NC (11.33mb)
 .. August 21 2004
Mirror on the Wall
 – Burlington., VT (9.73mb)
 .. October 30 2004
Across the River > Morning Dew 
- Asheville, NC (9.38mb)
 .. August 11 2006
Pastures of Plenty > Crown of Jewels 
- Asheville, NC (9.49mb)
 .. August 11 2006
Sunflower Cat > King Harvest 
- Asheville, NC (13.53mb)
 .. August 11 2006
Halcyon Days 
– Charlottesville, VA (6.19mb)
 .. August 22 2006